1.5 FAA Requirements

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  1. FALSIFICATION OR ALTERNATION OF IDENTIFICATION: 14 CFR 65.2 states that any person who falsifies or makes a fraudulent entry in a logbook, report, or record is subject to the suspension or revocation of any airman or ground instructor certificate or rating held by that person.
  2. PRIVACY AND CONSIDERATION: No individual may operate an UA in a careless or reckless manner that would endanger another individual life or property. The FAA also prohibits allowing an object to be dropped from a small UA in a way that causes undue hazard to persons or property
  3. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: The holder of a Remote Pilot Certificate who has made a change in their permanent mailing address may not, after 30 days from the date moved, exercise the privileges of their Remote Pilot Certificate unless they have notified in writing the FAA Airman Certification Branch.
  4. FAA INSPECTIONS: a remote PIC, owner, or person manipulating the controls must, upon request, make available to the Administrator: 1) the remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating: 2) Any other documents required (FLY-TOOLS).
  5. DOCUMENTATION: While maintaining up to date flight logs the documentation of any repair, modification, overhaul, or replacements of system components resulting from normal flight operations is required. Record the Time-In-Service for that component at the time the maintenance takes place. Asses the data over time and establish a scheduled maintenance schedule for the sUAS and its components.
  6. ACCIDENT REPORTING: Report any sUAS accident to the FAA within 10 days if the accident results in serious injury, loss of consciousness, or repairs costing over $500.00.