2.4 Radio Communications and Frequencies

Topic Progress:

CT – Control Tower Example: CT 120.9

ATIS – (Weather)  Example:  ATIS 119:85

Position Reports – When operating under a part 107 authorization, control towers will often require 2 way communication. Above are the acronyms that identify the control towers frequencies to make the adequate position reports. The FAA and the control tower will be specific when granted the authorization to fly in regulated airspace as to what kind of communication procedures needs to be in place to conduct the flight.

FCC Frequencies – Common sUAS frequencies 2.4 GHZ and 5.8GHZ (UA owners manual will have information as to what frequency the UA is operated on)

It’s important to understand Unlicensed Radio Frequencies as they are regulated by the FCC and the importance of simultaneous operations on these frequencies. It is the Remote PIC’s responsibility to have the adequate emergency procedures in place when operating on these frequencies.

Graphic –  Highlight where this information is located on a sectional chart